The Compelling Case for International Private Investors in UK Residential Properties

January 2024

The UK residential property market is an asset class which deserves relevance in the portfolio of international investors in search of income diversification and capital preservation. In this article, we explore the underlying reasons of this sector overweight and discuss efficient access strategies.

Long Track Record of Steady Growth:

The UK residential property market boasts a remarkable history of steady growth dating back to the early ‘70s. Over the past five decades, property values have experienced consistent appreciation, providing investors with reliable returns. This long-term track record offers a sense of stability and assurance for international private investors looking for sustainable growth in their portfolios.

The chart below shows the growth of the average house price in the UK which rose from around £3,700 in the early ‘70s to almost £300,000 at present.

Imagine placing that same amount on a bank deposit to receive interest instead of buying a property to collect rent. Fast forward 50 years, and the purchasing power of the bank deposit would have been completely erased.

Another way to measure how well an asset class has been able to preserve purchasing power is to compare its performance versus a price index.

The chart below compares the value of an average house price in the UK with the UK Retail Price Index demonstrating that investors saw a relative enhancement of their purchasing power over the period.

One of the most significant indicators of a robust investment is its ability to weather economic storms. The UK residential property market has demonstrated remarkable resilience during various financial crises, including in the aftermath of the global financial downturn of 2008 when the value of UK residential properties demonstrated their ability to recover the previous peak recorded in 2007 and reach new heights by 2014.

Reliable Source of Income

Whilst the dream of owning a house is ever present, more than 20 million people in the UK live in rental accommodation, either private rented sector or social housing (1).

Demand of rental properties generates a reliable source of income for property owners, which unlike fixed income instruments, keeps growing over time.

The chart below shows how the rental index grew relentlessly over the last 20 years, despite the periodic recessions experienced by the UK economies.

Shortage of Supply

The reason of this growth is to be found in the shortage of housing in the UK, where permits to construct new homes fall far short of demand (2). There simply aren’t enough homes available to meet the growing demand. There were approximately 25 million homes in 2021 (3). The government has pledged to build 180,000 new, affordable homes by 2026 (4), but according to the National Housing Federation, there are around 8.5 million people with some kind of unmet housing need (5).

This imbalance between supply and demand has led to higher house prices and an increase in rental costs. The cause of the insufficient housing supply can be attributed to factors such as strict planning regulations, slow construction rates, staffing and budget cuts in local councils and the scarcity of available land for development (6).


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